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The Pub Pie Company & The Main Course Company supply really good pies, to to really good pubs 

As a Pie Supplier and a Traditional Suet Pudding Supplier we offer fantastic handmade products especially for pubs and restaurants.

Created with the very best ingredients and care, our Pub Pies and Suet Puddings provide you with the best opportunity to achieve valuable customer satisfaction, repeat sales and ongoing profitable business.


Deep Fill Pub Pies


Our Flagship Deep Fill Pub Pies come with 28 different fillings,

all made to order and delivered to your door.


Over the last 10 years or so, pies have enjoyed an amazing resurgence in our favourite British pubs.

However, gone are the days of the "cheap and nasty", Pub Pies now have to be of the highest quality and carry the maximum profit potential.

We have been delivering our Deep Fill Pub Pies and Traditional Suet Puddings to our customers for years on a regular basis and have earn't the reputation of supplying the Best Pies on the market today.

Steak & Kidney Pub Pie
Traditional Suet Puddings

Everyone loves "comfort food" or a trip down memory lane. 

Lets hold on to our British traditions before the bowls of mixed leaves take over!

These puddings weigh 400g and were made to re-heat in the microwave... dead easy.

The figures don't lie, our range winner makes us the best 

Steak and Kidney Suet Pudding Supplier.

Suet Pudding
New Fish Pie

Luxury Fish Pies

Direct from Grimsby, these fish pies are simple and satisfying: a good fish pie is one of the greatest pies you can present to your customers.

Serve piping hot in a dish straight from the oven... you can't go wrong.

Fish Pie
Steak and Mushroom Pie


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