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All of our customers seem to sell our pies at different prices, they know their market better than me!

But I know that there are pubs out there that sell these Pub Pies at remarkably good price points, as much as £14.95, easy.

My point is that the QUALITY carries the PROFIT!

Your customers won’t feel hard done by… these ain’t no “chip shop pies”, they are the best out there.

Pub Pie
Pub Pie

Returning customers

The word is… that your customers will love these Pub Pies and keep coming back for more.

We have some pubs that just sell “Pies & Pints”. You’ve got to have a good pie for that.

Happy customers… easy life!

Free delivery

If you are using our Nationwide Shop, you won’t be charged for postage.

As long as you buy a minimum of 4 boxes of 12 (i.e. 48 Pub Pies) postage is free.

Pub Pie
Pub Pie

We’ll remind to re-order

Ok ok… this is good for sales, but it’s so easy to forget to order your Pub Pies.

So each Monday morning we’ll send you a quick reminder to your mobile with a link to the Pub Pie site. LOG IN, and order what you need. If this turns out to be a pain in the A… we’ll remove you from the list. No worries!

No wasteful preparation

In this day and age, it’s just too expensive to make everything yourself, with wages and potential wastage being a profit killer. Some things are just more sensible to 'buy in'.

This is true with pies, as long as the quality is there. With a variety of homely fillings, eye appeal and profit generating benefits, why pay good money to make them and waste them yourself?

Pub Pie
Pub Pie

Easy to reheat

Let’s make life a little easier for the chef, because it’s not much fun in that kitchen sometimes!

Go to the Help & Advice page for cooking information.

Easy… with the best pies on the market.