Still Of Pub Video

Clever stuff!!

28th of April 2020

Whenever I'm asked about the cooking of The Deep Fill Pub Pies I always always say that you can't cook them from frozen!!! Well you can!!! I delivered to one of my newest pubs this week and just asked the general question...


They Tick All The Boxes

27th of April 2020

I recently dropped off some Pub Pie samples at a pub I've been after for ages. Normally I would cook them and let the Chef or Owner give them a try. But in this case they were "having none of that". "Leave 'em...


Christmas Pies ...they're a gift!

26th of April 2020

Pie makers normally stay well away from Christmas Pies, after all they're no good if you have any left in January!! But because we 'make to order' this can't happen. We were asked to make a Turkey, Chipola...


Spice Or...No Spice

25th of April 2020

The traditionalists would say that putting a curry in a pie is a step too far. But maybe the lads on a Friday night or after watching the footy is a prime time to serve up a Balti Pie and a Pint, after all they'll only go ...


Welcome Back

24th of April 2020

It'll soon be the start of the Game Season in England and the Wild Winter Game Pub Pie will be back. Filled with Venison, Pheasant, Partridge & Rabbit, all served a rich full bodied gravy, this ever popular hearty pie ...


Does just a pastry lid count as a pie?

22nd of April 2020

Does just a pastry lid count as a pie? It’s time to settle the debate. Is putting a pastry lid on a casserole/stew enough to make it a pie or does the filling need to be entirely encased in pastry? And if that...



21st of April 2020

One of the most commonly heard comments out there in Pub Land it seems, is the never ending problem of getting bar, waiting and kitchen staff. Do you agree?? And what is the problem?? Is it pay, is it Brexit, or is...


Who eats more pies?

20th of April 2020

Question? Who eat more pies, men or women? Answer… probably men, but there’s not a lot in it. I’ve been putting this website together for what seems like an age and over that time I’ve asked loads o...


“Who Ate All The Pies, Who Ate All The Pies”?

19th of April 2020

Well me actually…… I really need to start that diet! But running a pie company means that I have to try the products…. honest! The point is, more and more pubs are now putting on more and more pies, but they ...


Pub Pie Poetry

18th of April 2020

What to do with that left over stew, Wrap it in pastry, that’s what I’ll do, Serve it with mash and gravy on top, Eat them all night till my stomach goes pop.   Make them like A...


Down Under Pies

17th of April 2020

Your average Aussie is a hardened serious Pie eater. “let’s have a beer and a pie” are words often heard after a day’s work it seems. In fact, the Australians have roadside cafes where a pie is the only thing on th...


Chef Compliments

16th of April 2020

How can I put this….but compliments from chefs are a little rare, but this week I’ve had a couple of lovely endorsements for the Deep Fill Pub Pies. One chef over near Kempston in Bedfordshire said “we’ve t...


Traditional London Pies

15th of April 2020

London's pie and mash shops and pubs have long served since the 19th century, a traditional pie made with a suet bottom layer filled with minced beef or mutton and topped with a crust of short or puff pastry……to make a...


Pounds For Pies

13th of April 2020

Pubs push through the £10 price barrier with good quality pies and its happening everywhere. Gone are the days when publicans feared charging too much, there are many pubs out there charging £11-£14 easily…. and many ...