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Clever stuff!!

28th of April 2020


Whenever I'm asked about the cooking of The Deep Fill Pub Pies I always always say that you can't cook them from frozen!!! Well you can!!! I delivered to one of my newest pubs this week and just asked the general question "how do you cook the pies". A perfectly innocent question when really I know the answer. BUT.... Kevin, the landlord said, "oh, we just take the frozen pie out of the foil and place into a ceramic dish, the rough size of the pie and microwave until the centre is about 50c degrees and finish off in a hot oven."  I thought this would surely kill the pastry but NO!!. Ok, they serve in the dish to make into a good old Pot Pie but it's absolutely fine. Ha...well blow me down! So well done Deberah & Kevin at The Baker Arms. Bayford.