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Chef Compliments

16th of April 2020


How can I put this….but compliments from chefs are a little rare, but this week I’ve had a couple of lovely endorsements for the Deep Fill Pub Pies.

One chef over near Kempston in Bedfordshire said “we’ve tried loads of different pies here, but these are great, the pastry is always good and they’re a breeze to cook” That was it…. but believe you me, that was a compliment.

The other was about the vegetarian Portobello Mushroom, Potato & Caramalised Red Onion Pie. This landlord of a pub near Hertford just commented on the quality of the pastry and the amount of filling. He said he has non-vegetarian customers that go for every time they come in. He also likes to keep a box in his freezer as a Gluten Free option.