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Who eats more pies?

20th of April 2020


Question? Who eat more pies, men or women?

Answer… probably men, but there’s not a lot in it.

I’ve been putting this website together for what seems like an age and over that time I’ve asked loads of questions to publicans, whether my customers or not… and to friends and family about their likes and dislikes…their “turn on’s and their turn off’s. One thing that has surprised me is the amount of women who say that they love a good pie.

Ladies tend to go for the lighter fillings like Chicken, Leek & Ham but as soon as you draw that conclusion a member of the fairer sex will come a long and go for Steak & Ale or a Venison Bourguignon.

Golden rule…..cater for everyone…. men, women, children, vegetarian, celiacs and vegans.

Oh… and buy loads of pies from me of course!