Still Of Pub Video


Pub Pie Poetry

18th of April 2020


What to do with that left over stew,

Wrap it in pastry, that’s what I’ll do,

Serve it with mash and gravy on top,

Eat them all night till my stomach goes pop.


Make them like Aussies, with a hole in the lid,

Squirt in Tommy sauce, like dad always did,

Pile on the pounds, oh please do not moan,

I love a pub pie before I go home.


There’s something wrong with the new curry pie,

Hot spicy fillings making me cry,

Keep it so British and don’t muck about,

No spicy sausage and no sauerkraut.


Steak & Kidney and Stilton’s ok,

A British institution is right here to stay,

Keep them going and please stack them high,

The pile of fresh leaves will soon pass us by.

Happy Pie Eating.