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“Who Ate All The Pies, Who Ate All The Pies”?

19th of April 2020


Well me actually…… I really need to start that diet! But running a pie company means that I have to try the products…. honest!

The point is, more and more pubs are now putting on more and more pies, but they are also becoming more and more discerning. Gone are the days of your average chip shop pie on the pub menu, that thing that is kept warm for days and harbours a layer of inedible meat, with a layer of nothing and topped off with a lid of fatty puff pastry.

Publicans and chefs want something outstanding… that stands high on the plate, is full of beautiful British meat and tastes fabulous…. and all at a workable price. Pubs are getting good money for the humble pie, gone are the days when we couldn’t venture over £10, these days £11 or £12 is common place…even more sometimes.

If you want to “Eat All The Pies” give me (David) a call on 07973 886608