Our customers wanted...

We asked our customers what they wanted in a perfect Pub Pie, a brave question when everyone has their own opinion… but we needed to get it right!
Steak Pie 360g


The Pie needs to stand high and substantial on the plate and must look visually appealing.

Chicken Deep Fill Pie


The different fillings need to be authentic and true to traditional British flavours. 

Vegetarian Deep Fill Pie


They need to be individually wrapped and the pie must be identifiable.

Deep Fill Pie Tower


The Pub Pies need to be full of high quality British meat and ingredients.

Deep Fill Pies


The Pies need to be delivered to me frozen so that I can "defrost and use" depending on levels of trade.

Steak & Kidney Deep Fill Pie

Maximum Profits

The quality of the Pie has to command a premium price on our menu, to maximise profits.

Chicken, Leek & Ham Deep Fill Pub Pie

The Pastry

Golden shortcrust pastry not too thin or thick, our guests don’t want to pay for loads of pastry!

Kentish Chicken.jpg


Not too much gravy, our customers like meat not gravy, we can add that!

Deep Fill Pie Tower

Freshly Made

The Pies need to be freshly made to order, I need the maximum shelf-life.

Steak & Ale Deep Fill Pie


They need to look handmade and appealing to the eye, we don’t want factory Pies!

Deep Fill Pies

Fast Preparation

The Pie needs to re-heat quickly and look perfect, some of our customers won’t wait.



There has to be a full range to provide variety and interest for our customers.

Well quite a list, but we did it, we developed a Deep Fill Pub Pie that was designed by publicans, chefs and restaurateurs and created the best Pub Pie you can buy.