Individual Fruit Pub Pies...

Like mother used to make...

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There cannot be many things more traditional in the "foodie world" than apple pie and custard after a meal in a pub... and in many cases our diners are full up after their main course, but fruit pie and custard... has to be done.

These frozen pre-baked Fruit Pub Pies are so simple, just reheat and serve with custard or ice cream.

They are also great presented cold in the summer months with clotted cream... but custard will still get a look in!

With 6 fillings to choose from, there's plenty to love about these pre-baked sweet pastry treats.

They're simple to serve and with no waste, they're great profit earners but without the fuss...
...a great combination. 
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Individual Fruit Pub Pies
12 x 200g    £25.20 / Case   £2.10 each

Apple  Pub Pie

Apple & Blackberry Pub Pie

Black Cherry Pub Pie

Apple & Raspberry Pub Pie

Apple, Cinnamon & Sultana Pub Pie

Apple & Toffee Pub Pie

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