Posh Pies

These pies are completely hand made with a unique shape & taste.
Posh Pies
12 x 300g    £41.20 / Case   £3.35 each

Steak & Horseradish Posh Pie

Tender hand diced steak with a hint of Horseradish in a classic ale sauce.


Steak & Stilton Posh Pie

A steak pie, filled with our prime British beef, hand diced and cooked with onions, dark ale and meat

sauce, topped with English Stilton.

This tasty pie’s pastry top is peppered with finely grated Stilton, just to give it that ‘Special Finish’.


Steak & Chorizo Posh Pie

Hand diced British beef, cooked with onions, diced Chorizo and dark ale in a rich meat sauce.


Lamb & Mint Posh Pie

Large pieces of leg of lamb mixed with small diced vegetables infused with mint.

Cheese, Leek & Potato Posh Pie

Small diced potatoes & sliced leeks, bound together with our very own Cheddar & Stilton sauce.


Chicken & Ham Posh Pie

Tender hand diced chicken cooked with leeks, chunks of ham in a chicken stock and cream sauce enhanced

with garden peas.


Moroccan Lamb Posh Pie

Large pieces of lamb combined with chickpeas and apricots in a classic Moroccan tagine sauce.


Goats Cheese & Sweet Potato Posh Pie (V)

Large chunks of goats cheese & sweet potato combined in a spicy tomato & onion sauce.


Spicy Butterbean Posh Pie (V)

Large butter beans mixed with finely diced vegetables, in a spicy chilli sauce enhanced

with cumin & coriander.

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