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There aren't many things more traditionally British than a good old Suet Pudding. You'd expect to find them on winter menus for obvious reasons, but believe you me.... we are selling more and more in the summer months. 

Hearty comfort food that brings a smile to our faces...... like when we were kids!

People will pay for fond memories.

Steak Suet Pudding


12 x 400g   £48.00 / case  £4.00 each

Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding 

Steak & Stilton Suet Pudding 

Lamb & Mint Suet Pudding 

Bacon & Onion Suet Pudding


12 x 360g   £48.00 / case  £4.00 each

Game, Smoked Bacon & Fig

Suet Pudding (Seasonal)

Traditional Suet Pudding
Many chefs will wrap the pudding in cling film whilst still frozen, then return to the plastic cup... to defrost and microwave. This keeps the suet beautifully soft and moist.

Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding

British beef, cooked with onions and lambs kidneys in a rich meat sauce.

Traditional Suet Pudding

So easy...

These suet puddings have already been steamed for over two hours, give them 3 minutes or so in the microwave!

Suet Pudding Microwave Re-heating
Steak and Mushroom Pie


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